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Ducane BBQ - "My Ducane Grill is perfect"

Actual Amazon Review.  Read more below and then learn all about the "perfect" Ducane BBQ Grills and choose your favorite.

From Amazon:

Ducane Grill is Perfect

March 28, 2009
By  M. Melson (Texas) 

We received the grill when promised, and it arrived in perfect condition.  Easy to assemble. Have grilled on it about 5 times now and love the size and the features. It is perfect for what I was looking for. No fancy features, just a great grill.

Great Purchase

August 30, 2009
By  D. Connors (Minneapolis, MN United States)

We've owned this for a year now and love it. There is nothing fancy about it but it performs well and holds up. The ignition buttons still work, there's an even flame and there is plenty of room for a family of 4 who likes to entertain. As far as assembly, my mother-in-law put it together while we were at work. She expressed some difficulty but was able to do it herself while watching 2 children at the same time! 

Manufacturer Warranty Details

All products are warrantied by Ducane against material or construction defects for a limited time after purchase. This warranty information can be found on the Ducane Grills homepage and will be bundled with the product itself when ordered. In case of missing or damaged parts falling within the warranty period, please refer to your warranty documentation. In some cases you may be able to contact the manufacturer directly for expedited service or shipping.

The Story of Ducane

Located in Union City, New Jersey, Ducane Products Co. began as Ducane Brothers Metal Fabricating in 1946. The company moved to Little Ferry, New Jersey, in 1949 to begin production of oil-fired, warm air furnaces. In 1968 the newly named Ducane Company moved its home base to South Carolina where, in 1975, it introduced the first line of Ducane gas grills. In March 2000, Ducane Products Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Weber-Stephen Products.

During the last 30 years, Ducane has grown to be one of the most recognized gas grill brands in North America. The Ducane manufacturing facility in Barnwell, South Carolina, is state of the art. Built of the finest grade weather-resistant materials--stainless steel, die-cast aluminum, and baked enamel paint--every premium Ducane gas grill is designed to withstand the elements, handle the toughest recipes you can dish out, and deliver a lifetime of grilling pleasure. When asked, more than 75 percent of Ducane customers responded that they would "definitely" replace their current grill--if the time came--with the Ducane brand. It's certainly no surprise that Ducane grill owners are so loyal.

As the Ducane slogan goes, Buy Your Last Grill First.